It’s been a little more than 4 years since we started our project, we are closer to wrapping up the final outcome. We have had many changes, upgrades, errors and failures but with determination we are closer to our outcome.

We have decide to approach the idea on 2 fronts because when you have energy you have many many ways to use it.

First: The option to power household devices and other plug in devices that requires current without the need for fuel or outside support. 

Second: The option to charge electric vehicles. This is very difficult but after success with the first option, this will be a matter of upgrading what’s already in place. The great news is the idea is here so once confirmed we are ready to go.

We have had many silent periods between announcements becasue when you are creating a new device it’s hard to find devices and parts, if your idea doesn’t exist then most times the parts are not readily available off the shelf and have to be developed. We do not have a machine shop so it makes manufacturering parts more difficult. Also in the meantime bills have to be paid so we have to to take care of our existing business while working on this project, so if you are skeptical we can assure you, we are not looking to scam or falsely promote a fake product.

Once completed which as we stated very soon we will make our announcement.

Drive and Charge Update!

We had a few errors with our machined parts, we are currently fixing those error and double checking everything. We are very excited to take on this project, once completed we will post our updates. Delay cause by error beyond our control but we are working to fix them.